Business Consulting

Business Consulting

Is your business losing focus?

Business Consulting

You’re not alone. Losing focus is common for many business owners and executives who are mired in the daily activities of managing a business.

Making a profit, a significant profit, needs to be your goal. Profit is the key to survive, to grow, and to provide employees the opportunity to earn a good living. Profit allows you to create a return to your shareholders, and to provide competitive, quality products or services to your customers. You must focus on achieving a reasonable profitability as a cost of doing business. Not just an occasional profit, but consistently, year in year out.

Our Business Analysis

Every business analysis that we conduct is tailored to address the unique conditions and procedures of each individual business. Every Senior Business Analyst is trained to conduct an exhaustive diagnostic study.  They all have experience in what we call “the business of the business” – the methods, systems, controls and incentives which every business must adopt to maximize success.

So of the areas that will be examined are:

  • Financial records, statements & reports
  • Goals & strategic planning
  • Organizational structure and its function
  • Polices and procedures
  • Employee attitudes
  • Management philosophy
  • Waste, theft, fraud and overhead controls
  • Pricing, estimating, sales and marketing
  • Purchasing, material costs and labor costs
  • And much more…

Why Engage Us?

Business AnalysisWe believe that every business is unique. The problems and issues that require corrective action to produce a desired result are best resolved with custom designed methods, systems, and controls. We provide you access to an extensive, highly experienced group of professionals that specialize in serving small and medium-size businesses. They have demonstrated they are adept at designing and implementing change in a seamless manner. The broad-based business experience of our group members measures in the thousands of years when considered collectively. Our business analysts and consultants are some of the most talented in the industry and will provide your company with a roadmap for profitability and overall success.

How is an analysis preformed?

We use the following steps to preform an analysis:

  • STEP 1: Opening conference (1 1/2 to 2 hours)
  • STEP 2: Financial trend analysis
  • STEP 3: Employee interviews and questionnaire
  • STEP 4: Review of any agreed-upon issues
  • STEP 5: Closing conference (2 or more hours)

You are then presented with the findings, results and recommendations from the analysis.

Your options after the analysis:

  • You can choose to implement our recommendations on your own.
  • You can choose to use our Consulting Services division to implement them for you.
  • You can use a combination of one and two.
  • You can do nothing.

You are under no obligations


Here is a short (11 minutes) video of testimonials from other businesses that our services have helped in the past.

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