About our business

About our business

Who Are We

BizMoneyMatters.com is a small company that is passionate about making communities stronger by understanding the real responsibilities of business owners. These responsibilities are not only to their immediate families, but the families of their employees, their vendors, and ultimately their communities. Our desire is to help you build a stable, profitable company regardless of economic impacts. We believe that life balance is a critical component to quality of life, and is often sacrificed by the typical business owner to “keep the ball rolling”. Although we are nation wide, we are based out of the Aberdeen, WA area, with many of our clients in Olympia, Tacoma, Portland, and surrounding areas. In short, we show you how to make your business work for you, not the other way around.

What We Do

Business Owner

At BizMoneyMatters.com, our mission is to help good business owners become great ones. Business owners need many things on the back end to keep their companies operating, generating revenue, and profitable. We understand those needs and are here to assist you. We can help you to obtain capital for your business though cash, lines of credit, or both. We show you the ways to increase your profitability, revenue, and cash flow. We show you how to reduce you tax obligations, protect your assets, as well as starting to make or execute plans for exit and succession strategies. This can all be obtained with the introduction of the proper controls, methods, and procedures utilized by the most efficient and profitable companies today.

For our clients that have the desire to take their business to the next level, are open minded to suggestions, receptive to the information we discover, and show a willingness to implement the strategies we show them through the business analytics, this process is life changing!

Why We Do This

Years ago, I owned a General Contracting company. I started the company from scratch with the goal of growing it to 450K first year. I ran the office, trained the employees, trained the sales team, conducted the marketing, etc. Just as many of you are currently doing today. I lived by the statement, ‘There just are not enough hours in the day’. I worked long hours, weekends, holidays, whatever it took with the idea that if I put the hard work in now, I would see the benefits of business ownership in time.

Well at the end of the first year I had doubled the revenue target in sales. Now to recap the issues – many of the jobs completed were over budget, (usually in man hours) discovered employees stealing from me, found that employees were using drugs unfortunately even at work, misusing & abusing equipment, and in general an overall lack of attention to detail on any level. I went through a countless number of employees that year trying everything I could think of in an attempt to make it work.

When fall ended and winter came, I was actually relieved to hit the slow season and lay people off. The concept throughout the year being half of my expectations for productivity is better than facing delays to start dates for projects and angry customers. The concept throughout the year was that reaching half of the production expectations was better than facing delays in start dates for new projects and potentially having angry customers due to delays. I spent more time than I would have liked conducting damage control behind incompetent crews, and of course this effected several points of the business. At the conclusion of the first year, I had made no money for myself, my family, or the business. Worst yet, I had put personal money into the business that I had not recovered from the business yet.

Now being hard headed and stubborn, I was easily able to justify these results by the fact that we now owned a couple of excavators, a couple of dump trucks, and commercial equipment for conducting grounds maintenance. We scraped by in the winter with an embarrassingly lean Christmas for my daughters but steadfast in the thought that everything would be different this coming season. When year 2 started, I was excited. We were ahead of year one statistically in revenue, but yet all the same problems existed. I did not know whereto find the correct tools, information or knowledge. I d the best I could with what I know, and tried to consult with my CPA as well as my Attorney for the rest. However day to day operations is not in their scope. I just did not know what I needed to, nor dd I know where to find it.

I had more employees than ever, more customer customers, more equipment and even more stress. To any of you business owners out there that have had to scramble to make payroll, you can relate directly to my heartache. The stress that this put on my family was tremendous while I was constantly defending the company based on its gross revenue to my wife who constantly questioned why we were in business if we didn’t make any money? Fact is, she was right, I would have made more money “flipping burgers” than we were as business owners, with a lot less stress.

As year two progressed, we had no option but to rob Peter to pay Paul, at this point we discovered that although our accountant did a great job of depreciating the business for the purpose of tax obligations, this was not the best solution when the time came that we needed a loan or line of credit. The bank evaluated us based on the numbers after the accountant did their job, which of course was the worst possible snap shot of our company financially. So, we did what we had to. You start the race to close sales, this money was then used to cover this week’s expenses in hopes of continuing sales to fund the projects that we just closed on.

Talk about a stressful environment and a completely unneeded strain on the home life, forget about quality of life. We had changed accountants in the first year as we were not confident the accountant was doing their job, as confirmed by the local department of revenue later on in year two. By the time we received the notice of delinquency, the fees and interest associated with the account were absorbent. Keeping in mind, by this point I was scrambling to make payroll, could not get approved for lending, and had a tax bill I had no way to satisfy, and all my personal debts were now delinquent.

Life was challenging to say the least. Then the department of revenue gave us notice that they were shutting us down. I was angry, disappointed, and my ego was shattered. After the initial sting started to wear off, which took some time since I am a very prideful man, I realized a few things and these are indicative to every business owner I have met.

  • I started a business based on the knowledge and skills that I have that were marketable and did very well .
  • I knew virtually nothing about the “business of the business” going in.
  • I was not aware of the business services available to business owners, therefore, although I am responsible for the short comings, the situation is not ultimately my fault, rather a predictable result based on all contributing factors.

What this means is that I did a tremendous job on the side of the business I knew, however I did the best I could with what I knew on the other side which was not nearly enough. Had I known about the correct strategies and the team that I have brought together here, then I would have been utilizing the correct processes, methods and procedures to be proactive instead of constantly putting out fires.

I could have greatly reduced my tax obligations with strategic tax planning throughout the year as opposed to just the historical data collected and processed by my accountant. With the proper tools, I could have viewed my business just as though I view the dash board in my car, allowing me to plan and be proactive as opposed to putting out fires and reactive. Far less stress, far less expensive, and a significantly greater quality of life. My Grandfather used to say something to me as a teenager, that stuck through all these years but only made sense to me once the business closed. “You don’t know what you don’t know until you know what you don’t know” I now understand that fully.

Being a sports fan I know the best athletes in the world all have multiple coaches they work with. Why would owning a business be any different if you want it to be great and being honest, who starts a business to be mediocre? Who doesn’t want to leave a legacy behind, or at least a stable option and a head start for their children, grandchildren, etc.? I know I do and that is why I have done the research and the legwork to put this team together for you to utilize.

Take advantage of these resources, implement the strategies, and they will change your life. Many of you have read my personal testimony / confession and can unfortunately relate directly to me, some of you may not have hit this point yet, a small few may not be able to relate. None the less, the services offered here are put together to be utilized as pointers and suggestions or as recovery and repair. The services offered here do not require a retainer and all carry high ratings with the BBB. They offer testimonials and a great value, guaranteeing satisfaction. With no obligation, you truly have nothing to loose and everything to gain.

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