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Goals for your businessWe are here to help. We assist you with the framework of your business. From obtaining financing, repairing credit, tax issues, tax planning, to consulting.

Whether you need financing to start a business, or own an existing business we have rates as low as 6.99% with terms from 3-7yrs as well as 0% lines of credit, some up to 2yrs and yes, we provide lending for Real Estate Investors (flippers).

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About Us

Years ago, I owned a General Contracting company. I started the company from scratch with the goal of growing it to 450K first year. I worked long hours, weekends, holidays, whatever it took with the idea that if I put the hard work in now, I would see the benefits of business ownership in time.

After the first year past, I had more employees than ever, more customer customers, more equipment and even more stress. To any of you business owners out there that have had to scramble to make payroll, you can relate directly to my heartache. After problems with my accountant, and not being on top of the books, I got a notice that I owed large sums of taxes. Keeping in mind, by this point I was scrambling to make payroll, could not get approved for lending, and now had a tax bill I had no way to satisfy. Of course by now all my personal debts were also delinquent.

Life was challenging to say the least. In the end we got shut down by the department of revenue. By building this business, I am helping others avoid these same pitfalls and make their business journey a successful one.

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